Seething Moon

from by Animist



Trapped inside my insignificance
By the Sun
I am threatened by his mighty light
His reign is done

His light is a poison
It burns my soul
For all that I thought I was
Is cast in his shadow
I will not rest till he is gone

I look at him and I feel weak
A little Moon alone and cold

Cast in his light
I am blinded
At this moment
my hatred grows for him

For eons he’s gloated
Imposing his might
Suffocated by his righteousness
Smothered by my inadequacy
His existence proves me worthless
But no longer
I will see his reign end
And I shall claim his throne

The time has come
To wipe him from my existence
Deliverance from
The oppression of his might

My plan comes to fruition
I will eclipse his might
I shall erase his light
As I approach his power starts to dim
This lowly moon has won

I move to take my place
And block the power that he holds
My actions will crush him
And place me above his station

And now here I stand
With victory in hand
But wait his light appears

I can’t believe my plan has fallen into disarray
His light begins to shine out from behind me

And now his light returns with all the power it once had
He rises to confront me

Sun: What have you done now? Moon: Defending my own interest
They need my light Have I harmed others?
You should feel ashamed Why should I?
For what you have done What have I done?

But what is this that I see
Inferior beings beneath me
Worshipping the Sun and I
Seeing us as Deities
Their view is warped and wrong
They see not everything
They quarrel over minor things
They are petty and selfish
They kill for reasons that have no true meaning
Their causes mean nothing in this universe

I understand things better than before
Now I can see
My problems are insignificant
In reality

I have felt hatred for so long
And now I wish to be free
Of the pain of hate
I shall look down upon them
And see how I might help
For I will make my own role

I see them slaughter each other
I can not intervene
Bloodshed on a massive scale
Genocide, War

Various ways created to dispatch others
Cutting the mortal coil
Severing of limbs
Continuous bloodshed
That I can not stop
What am I to do
If I can not intervene

I will stay
By their side always
This is my choice
So I may see them stop
The bloodshed


from EP, released November 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Animist Nyack, New York

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